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windows 7 support ended on january 14, 2020

Upgrade your Windows 7 today before it’s too late

It is easy as 123. All you need to have a is, an 8gb USB flash drive, an external hard drive and our phone number. We will backup your important data to your own hard drive and will upgrade your computer to windows 10 in a way that your computer will be way faster than before. The job will be done by Microsoft Certified Technicians with three decades of experience fixing PC desktops and laptops. The cost is unbelievably affordable. Call to find out more about this exciting upgrade package.

Our guarantee*:

1 You will not lose your data.
2. You will not lose* your programs
3. Your computer will be upgraded to Windows 10 without paying for Windows 7 Operating System.
4. Your computer and laptop will not be slow.
5. Your computer and laptop will secure again to ensure nobody can hack into it and steal all your confident ional information.
6.  If we cannot do the job, we will refund money


Windows 7 no more security updates


windows 7 end of life









































* Sometimes there are difficulties like bad hardware or drive with bad sectors. In such cases, we will advise accordingly. Sometimes the Windows operating system is not clean to be able to accept the upgrade. In such situation, We will still upgrade your system to Windows 10 except you will have to reinstall your programs if needed.