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Mac Repair, MacBook Repair, MacBook Air Repair, MacBook Pro repair Mississauga Ontario Canada


MacBook, iMac, MacBook Pro Retina and Mac repair Centre for Oakville & Mississauga at 403 & Dundas. Click on contact us page for address information.

  • Mac mini service & MacBook screen replacement
  • Mac screen repair
  • MacBook hardware service
  • MacBook Air repair
  • iMac LCD screen replacement
  • Failed iMac logic board replacement
  • iMac video treatment or vertical lines on screen
  • Macbook pro retina keyboard replacement
  • MacBook Air logic board repair & replacement
  • iMac Black screen fix
  • MacBook Pro firmware password removal
  • We fix the new Mac Pro Late 2013 model a1481
  • Recover or restore Outlook from Time Machine
  • MacBook pro retina battery replacement
  • MacBook pro retina trackpad replacement
  • SSD hard drive, RAM, CPU upgrade or replacement for new Mac Pro a1481 (2013)
  • iMac graphics card repair and replacement
  • MacBook Pro repair for all Apple models
  • Mac desktop repairing & laptop tune-up and maintenance
  • MacBook Pro password pin code removal
  • OSX Mavericks (10.9), Mountain Lion (10.8), Lion (10.7), Snow Leopard (10.6), Leopard (10.5), Tiger (10.4), Panther (10.3), troubleshooting, installation upgrades etc.
  • Hardware troubleshooting
  • MacBook Pro Retina LCD replacement
  • Replacement for Keyboard, Track Pad, keyboard keys, screen, glass, cover, iSight camera, front bezel / panel, screen back cover, keyboard top cover, MagSafe adapter, battery, audio jack, Ethernet port and all other parts
  • Backup Microsoft Entourage
  • iCloud install / setup with Apple desktop, MacBook, iPhone, iPad, iPod etc.
  • iMac hard drive upgrade
  • iMac startup issue
  • 2014 Macbook Pro screen replacement
  • MacBook DC Jack replacement
  • MacBook wireless connection issue
  • Install Windows 7 on El Capitan, Mavericks, Mountain lion, Lion, snow leopard or leopard
  • Airport Express wireless connection troubleshooting
  • MacBook Pro 2013 screen replacement
  • Upgrade hard drive to SSD
  • MacBook Pro webcam / iSight camera replacement
  • Apple laptop charger fix / replacement
  • Time capsule repair
  • Trackpad replacement for MacBook Pro,Air,MacBook
  • MacBook body housing replacement
  • MacBook or iMac wireless connection setup / fix
  • MacBook DVD repair
  • 2015 macbook pro screen replacement
  • Upgrade / clone MacBook Pro, MacBook hard disk drive without losing programs, settings, files etc.
  • Setup or troubleshoot Mac Pro FTP server
  • Fix Finder problems / issues
  • Time Capsule freezing fix
  • MacBook top case repair
  • Time capsule upgrade and setup
  • Share files on FTP server (local area network or remote connection)
  • MacBook Pro keyboard is freezing or slow
  • Replace hard disk in Time Capsule
  • Power light is flashing when you press the power button?
  • MacBook Pro retina top case repair
  • Reformat iMac, Mac mini, MacBook, MacBook pro, iBook, MacBook Air etc.
  • Water or liquid spilled on MacBook, MacBook Pro
  • MacBook, MacBook Pro SSD upgrade
  • MacBook, MacBook Pro motherboard service damaged by liquid
  • Windows 7, 8 setup
  • Restore or reset MacBook to factory settings
  • Data, Files transfer from old Mac to new Mac or MacBook Pro
  • Reset Mac desktop, iMac to factory defaults
  • MacBook or MacBook pro RAM upgrade
  • Are you out of space on Time Capsule or MacBook Pro?
  • install windows 7 and setup Outlook
  • Entourage upgrade
  • Video situation in PowerPC / Mac Pro
  • G5 or Mac Pro freezing
  • DVD / CD stuck in MacBook or PowerBook
  • Hardware or software / Applications upgrade
  • Data transfer, backup & recovery
  • Password reset / help for desktop or laptop
  • Lost Emails after upgrading Entourage
  • Burn data, email or pictures to CD or DVD
  • Troubleshooting wireless connectivity problems
  • Fix messed up Apple menu in OSX
  • Account Password Management
  • Fix safari browser issues
  • Uninstalling unnecessary applications
  • Upgrade safari
  • Setup new Mac or MacBook Pro
  • MacBook Pro / MacBook Glass replacement
  • Printer configuration / connection
  • Eject DVD stuck in MacBook or iMac drive
  • Internet Connection Setup
  • Setup iPad with Airport device / router
  • Apple machine is slow
  • Troubleshoot iTunes related problems
  • Apple's Mac machine does not start or update created startup issue
  • Replace hard disk or ram
  • Hardware diagnostics onsite
  • Want to install a new hard drive in your iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro etc?
  • Install wifi on your apple desktop or laptop
  • Install XP, vista or windows 7, 8 on Mac using boot camp
  • Driver installation for XP and Vista on Apple computers
  • Install applications like Microsoft Office, iPhoto (CDs may be needed)
  • Do you see a white / blue screen with apple symbol in the middle of your machine's screen at startup?
  • Black screen on startup, DC-In board replacement
  • Setup / install Parallels to use windows 8, 7, Vista, XP on a Mac machine
  • Clicking sound or trouble installing a program?
  • iBook power connector broken?
  • MacBook or MacBook Pro MagSafe repair
  • Recover pictures / photos from broken / dead hard drive / disk
  • Icons in the dock do not work?
  • Hardware upgrade
  • Mac / MacBook / MacBook Pro freezes?
  • Connect / configure time capsule and setup time machine on your machine, iMac or MacBook
  • Setup iPod, iPad or iPad 2 with Mac or PC
  • Setup Apple TV with time capsule
  • Setup network storage disk drive
  • Setup backup for your network (PC or Mac)
  • Secure wireless network
  • Connect your Macintosh to a wireless router
  • Time Capsule wifi connection troubleshooting
  • Mac Does not come back from sleep mode
  • RAM installation in apple tower / notebook
  • All other hardware or software related troubleshooting for Macintosh models like Mac Pro, iBook, power Mac G4/G5

We sell MacBook parts with Apple service for all GTA (Toronto (GTA) to Niagara Falls and surrounding cities). Please visit our MacBook parts Mississauga location for details. Want to repair your iPhone or iPad screen? We fix all Apple products. We have been serving Meadowvale, Streatsville, cooksville, clarkson, Lisgar, Churchill Meadows, Malton, Erin Mills, Port Credit municipalities for the last 10 years.

Call 905-272-8324

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Mac Technical Support Questions and Answers:

Q. is a1398 MacBook Pro Retina screen repairable or replacement is possible?

A: Yes, there are two approaches to fix the a1398, a1502 and a1425 screens. First one is to replace the whole screen assembly. This means the whole monitor area (front and back) is replacement with a working one. The second method is to just change the LCD part of it. This repair needs advanced technical skills and time to complete the repair. The whole display assembly replacement method is fast and can be complete in few minutes while the LCD replacement is time consuming and can take a few hours.

Q. Is it worth to fix a MacBook Pro?

A. Yes, it's definitely worth repairing a MacBook Pro. There are several reasons for that. Apple's MacBook Pro is an excellent invention. It is strong and fast. It is secure and have great graphics quality. It's logicboard is well built and the battery is excellent compare to other Windows laptops. We highly recommend Apple's MacBook Pro and MacBook Pro Retina models.

Q. If a MacBook Pro is liquid damage, is it repairable?

A Definitely, it is fixable. We repair all kinds of MacBook Pro models including Retina, MacBook Air, The new MacBook. We offer 90 days warranty and have high success rate with MacBook Pro and MacBook Pro Retina liquid damage repair.

A. If a MacBook is water damaged, can data be recovered?

Q. Yes, With proper experience and tools, data can be recovered. We have high success rate with data recovery from all new and old MacBooks.

Q. What are the main differences between MacBook Pro and MacBook Pro Retina?

A. The regular MacBook Pro medium screen resolution. Ram and hard drive is upgradeable. It has Optical drive. Retina MacBook Pro has high resolution screen, the RAM is integrated in the logic board. It does not have DVD or CD Drive. It uses a special SSD drive that is fast and efficient. The charging cables are different. The MacBook Pro Retina is a little slimmer than the regular MacBook Pro.

Q. I want to upgrade to the new MacBook Pro. Can I get everything moved to the new MacBook without affecting programs and data?

A. Yes, There are multiple ways to transfer stuff from old to the new Pro. All programs and data can be transferred without any problem.

Q. Where can I get a MacBook Pro for a good price?

A. We are servicing Mac Products since 2007. We have great deals on Apple products especially MacBook Pro laptops. Please visit this page for Mac and MacBook Pro sale.

Q. Were should I take my Mac for repair?

A. Apple Store is the number 1 place to take your Mac or MacBook Pro for repair. If that is not possible for any reason then take it to a store that has been in repair business for a while. More experience is always better. If the place has Apple Certified Technicians, that is much better then taking risk somewhere else.

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