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2011 macbook pro graphics card fix

2011 Macbook Pro both 15 and 17 inch have known issue due to a third party part. This problem started a few years back. Apple had two recalls for this issue. The last one expired in December 2016. Outside Apple, there are several temporary solutions. We offer a permanent graphics card fix for this issue. Let’s talk about these temporary solutions one by one.

graphics card fix 2011 macbook pro

The first one is called reflow. It is actually heating the board. Different people use different techniques for heating. This temporarily brings the machine back to life if heat is applied properly. This kind of fix is very temporary. The charge for this fix is usually low. The bad news is, it will fail sooner than later.

2011 macbook pro reballing

The next temporary fix for this video card is called reballing. In this process, new solder balls are installed on the failed chip and then it is installed on the board. Due to the nature of the problem, it is hard to tell if reballing will be the proper solution for this issue, although the solution is purely temporary. The reason is, it may not be clear if the chip solders are broken or the issue is due to the known issue. In any case because heat is applied to the chip during installation, this can work for both but again, it is just temporary fix. It fails at some point. Replacing the chip is similar to reballing.  The result of replacing the chip is the same as reballing of the existing chip. It will fail at some point.

reflow 2011 macbook pro

The next one is replacing the logic board with a new one or with another old board. Apple dos not make new boards for these machines anymore. All the boards in the market are used boards or pulled boards. Because all the boards have the same defect, they will also fail at some point. Again this is a temporary fix.  So what to do then? Our permanent fix for 2011 graphics card is the only fix that is not temporary. For more information you can click on the link below or visit our 2011 Macbook Pro gpu fix page.

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