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Data Recovery Mississauga, Hard drive repair Mississauga

hdd repair mississauga

What kind of media do you have?

Computer hard drive, laptop drive, SSD, m.2 SSD, PCIe SSD, mSATA, raid, NAS, SAS, 2.5" drive, 3.5" drive, SCSI drive, external portable drive, external desktop drive, external SSD drive, dead PC, dead laptop, USB flash drive, SD card or any other media?

What problem you are facing with your device?

Is your hard drive, computer, laptop or server completely dead? Is your hard drive not showing in bios? Is your computer freezing or has a black screen? Are you seeing a folder sign with a question mark? Is your hard drive showing I/O error? Does your computer freezes when you connect your external hard drive? Is your SSD, HDD, USB flash, SD card corrupt? Did one of your raid drives giving your problem? Is your external or internal hard drive making clicking or scratching sound? Was your data accidentally deleted or someone formatted the hard drive? Did you delete your drive partitions?


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Our Lab

We have professional data recovery tools. We do head transplants in a clean environment. Our technicians can work on PCB boards at component level like micro soldering, chip replacement, firmware IC replacement and more.

This is what we can do for you

Our certified technician will check your media for any logical or physical problems and will give you a free quote. If you agree with our quote, we will be glad to work on your drive and recover your data. We will only charge when we recover all your required data. Our Apple and Microsoft certified technicians can also fix your computer and transfer all the data and apps to your computer or to an external drive or USB flash drive.


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Free Pickup Service

Quick free pickup for Streetsville, Clarkson, Cooksville, Meadowvale, Mississauga West, Mississauga East including square one of peel and near cities like Oakville, Hamilton, Burlington, Etobicoke, Milton, Niagara Falls, Brampton, Toronto and GTA.

Computer Hard Recovery Lab Mississauga Location

Visit our contact us page for email or proper directions to our lab.

3100 Ridgeway Dr, Unit 41 (Beside Daycare), Mississauga, ON L5L 5M5


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Computer & Laptop Data Recovery

Computer Star in Mississauga offers hard drive repair and data recovery for hard drive, NAS (Network Access Storage), SAS and all other storage media related to laptop, PC, USB flash drive, ChromeBook, raid array, HP ProBook, UNIX, server, Play Station, Xbox etc.

RAID recovery

Hard Drive Recovery Mississauga

If you have a broken hard drive (SATA or IDE, m.2 ssd, All-in-one PC or an external hard disk) with any problem, Our hard drive recovery experts can help to get your crucial data back. Did you accidentally format or initialized your hard drive? Did you delete files or you lost all your data due to a virus infection? Did someone accidentally overwrite your data? Your hard drive was dropped? Do you see a spinning wheel when you turn on your computer, PC computer, laptop or android machine? We have experienced and qualified technicians who can repair all kinds of hard drives in clean environment fully equipped with state of the art technology.

hard drive recovery mississauga

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external hard disk recovery mississauga

Mac Data Recovery

We at data recovery Mississauga lab have recovered data from Apple hard disks (internal and external), Mac flash drives, Mac desktop drive, iMac disk, MacBook Air drive, Macbook Pro retina storage, Mac Pro or Mac server disks, Apple iPhone flash storage, Apple iPad, Time Capsules, MacBook Internal drive, MacBook Pro built-in internal ssd etc. We offer special data recovery service for 2016 and 2017 MacBook Pro touch bar models as these machines have built-in hard drive storage.


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External Hard Drive Data Recovery

There are many types and models of external hard drives. We specialize in data recovery from external hard drives with any problem. Our data recovery experts in Mississauga have extensive experience and skills to recover data from all external storage devices.

external hard drive recovery mississauga

What is an external hard drive? Mostly external hard drive is usually a combination of an internal drive and enclosure. Manufacturer put their own names and models on these enclosures but the drive inside could be from any main manufactures of internal hard drives. It is not hard to change a drive into an external hard drives. Users can buy an enclosure and put an internal SATA drive in it and it will be converted to an external hard drive. Some enclosures have more than one drives. These drives are setup as raid combination. Raid setups are good for performance and data security. Some external hard drives are setup for use with local area network. Again these external hard drives might be in the form of one single or multiple internal drives. Data is accessed and processed over Ethernet connection. There are many companies that make external hard drives. If you live in the city of Mississauga or around Mississauga and your external hard drive has died or giving you problems, you can contact our data recovery Mississauga experts at 905-272-8324.

external hard drive data recovery raid mississauga

After the introduction of SSD drives, many manufacturers started making small factor SSD external hard drives. They are USB flash types small devices where the controller and memory chips are soldered onto a small board. These drives have small enclosures and mostly come with USB C connections. Some external SSD hard drives come with 2.5” SSD which are custom assembled. Data can be lost if there is software corruption in the controller or if board or chips are damaged. We have successfully recovered data from SSD external drives where some of the chips were not working or the controller was unable to process data. Our SSD external hard drive recovery specialists in Mississauga can help recover your important personal or business data. Call our external data recovery lab in Mississauga at 905-272-8324.

external portable drive recovery mississauga

usb flash drive recovery mississauga

Raid Data Recovery Mississauga

Our raid data recovery team can recover data from all kinds of raid arrays like raid 0, raid 1, raid 5, raid 6, raid 10, mirror raid, strip raid and all others. If you have a server that has a raid setup and it stopped working due to raid controller failure or there is a problem with one or more hard drives in the raid system, bring it to raid repair specialists in Mississauga. It does not matter what capacities are the hard drives, our raid specialists will properly assess and recover it whether there is a problem with file system or one of the hardware component has failed. If you have a hard drive that is setup with mirror or strip raid and is giving you problems, bring it to our raid data recovery centre Mississauga for free evaluation. We can repair failed hard drives by replacing any internal or external parts to be able to bring the drive back to life and rebuild the raid combination. We replace hard disk PCB and internal heads. We have the required tools and experience to repair hard drives and raid arrays. Do you have a laptop or desktop with raid setup? If your laptop or desktop has raid with regular hard drive and SSD and it stopped working because one of the drives has issues, our raid repair experts are here to help. We deal with all raids with different operating systems. Call our raid data recovery Mississauga lab at 905-272-8324.


raid data recovery mississauga oakville

SSD data recovery Mississauga

If your solid state drive has failed and you need to recover your data, photos, documents, music, videos , applications, accounting or Quickbooks data, our solid state data recovery techs are here to help. Our SSD data recovery Mississauga lab is ready to get your lost data from Mac desktop, laptop or PC computer systems. We offer regular and urgent SSD data recovery services. We can repair failed PCBs in SSDs. We can replace failed chips or recover data if SSD controller has failed. Our SSD data recovery Mississauga lab can work on hard drives with corrupt file system and firmware related issues. We have high success rate with SSD data recovery. Our data recovery experts can recover any types of SSD like PCIE, mSATA, M.2, NVME, 2.5” and small IBM SSD drives. Did you lose partitions on your SSD drive? Is your Windows not loading due to a problem with your solid state drive? Is your Mac not booting up or rebooting because the solid state drive is malfunctioning? Is your SSD drive heating up? Is your 15" or 13” MacBook Pro (2016, 2017) with touch bar died and you have no way to access your data? This model has no separate hard drive. The solid state drive is soldered to the logic board. We have the properly tool to extract your data even if the logic board is completely dead. We have solutions for all SSD problems. Call or visit our solid state hard drive recovery Mississauga centre at 905-272-8324.

ssd data recovery peel mississauga

msata data recovery

2016 2017 macbook pro data recovery touch bar




















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