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iPad Repair Mississauga, Oakville

Fast Turnaround Time
90 days warranty
Apple Certified Technicians

What iPad model do you have?

We repair all versions of iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad Pro and all other new and old models.

What to do next?

Just drop it off at our iPad repair store in Mississauga. Our Apple certified technician will diagnose the problem and will give you a free quote. If you approve the quote, we will fix it as soon as possible. We stock most iPad parts. This makes our repair process faster.


We offer 90 days warranty for most repairs.

iPad Repair Mississauga

When it comes to iPad repair, our Apple certified technician can repair charging port, battery, display assembly (new & old), sound / audio, logic board, battery charging issue, charging IC, power button, front / back camera, microphone, liquid damaged iPad, slow problem, freezing problem, software, iOS etc. Our experienced iPad repair techs can do system recovery and data recovery from dead logic board of any iPad model. For more information please call our iPad repair Mississauga centre at call 905-272-8324.

ipad repair mississauga

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New iPad repair

There are many models of iPad. The most common ones include iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro. These iPads come with different screen sizes and storage capacities. Some known storage capacities that these iPads come with, are 16gb, 32gb, 64gb, 128gb, 256gb, 512gb etc.. They have different generations for example 9.7 inch screen size iPad had generations from one to sixth. iPad 7, 8, 9 generation came with 10.2 inch screen. The tenth generation came with 10.9 inch screen. All these iPads models have a touch screen and an LCD. Our iPad repair experts can replace and repair all the parts and can fix any software related issues in all iPad models.


ipad repair mississauga

iPad Mini repair

iPad Mini is a small factor iPad from Apple. From first to fifth generation iPad mini models had 7.9 inch screen. Some have touch and lcd screens seperate and others have one screen assembly (touch and lcd together). The 6th generation iPad mini comes with 8.3 inch screen. Do you have this model and it needs repair? Bring it to our iPad repair store Mississauga.


ipad mini repair mississauga









iPad Air repair

This model has 5 generations at the moment. First and second gen. has 9.7 inch screen. Third generation has 10.5 inch screen while forth and sixth have 10.9 inch LCD. Most of these models use single screen assembly (no separate glass and LCD). Use our Apple certified technician to repair or replace LCD, charging port, speakers, wifi, camera, battery, logic board and operating system.

ipad air repair mississauga


iPad Pro repair

This iPad model comes in different screen sizes 10.5 inch, 11 inch, 9.7 inch and 12.9 inch. It’s a professional machine i.e. it’s fast and has good screen resolution. There are six generations in this iPad family. We have been fixing this with screen, battery, charging port etc. related problems. Need help to factory reset it? Want to recover data from it? Call our iPad repair specialists Mississauga today at 905-272-8324.


ipad pro repair mississauga










iPad Hardware Repair

When it comes to iPad hardware repair, iPad repair guru at Computer Star can replace LCD, Battery, screen connection, charging IC, wifi antenna, power button, charging port, and lightning port. Experts at Computer Star can repair dead or liquid damaged logic board at component level. Some problems are caused by defective parts like black screen, white screen, unresponsive power button, jumping icons, screen ghosting, unresponsive keyboard, Internet issue, distorted screen, vertical or horizontal lines, colored display, freezing issue and more. Are you looking for iPad battery repair? Do you want your iPad screen repaired? Is your iPad charging port not working? Do you need your iPad's digitizer replaced? Is there an audio issue with your iPad? Is your iPad showing a black screen? Is your iPad slow or rebooting? Is your iPad battery not holding the charge? For all iPad hardware related issues please call our iPad repair experts in Mississauga at 905-272-8324.

ipad fixing mississauga

iPad Software Repair

Software related issues are very common in iPads. Professionals at Computer Star Mississauga can troubleshoot and work on issues like restore a disabled iPad, perform factory reset, reinstall iOS, install Apps and programs, upgrade iOS and reset iPads that won’t reset. Other issues that we can repair are, icons or programs are automatically opening, iPad is automatically typing, iPad has a black screen, iPad is stuck on Apple logo on screen, iPad is showing "attempting data recovery" message on screen, software is frozen and all other common problems. We also repair iPhone models. Selling iPhone or iPad, we buy them. Call the Mississauga iPad repair team today.

ipad pro fix mississauga

Residents of Meadowvale, Streatsville, Cooksville, Lisgar, Churchill Meadows, Malton, Erin Mills, Port Credit can visit our Mississauga Location at the below address:

iPad Repair Mississauga Center Location:

3100 Ridgeway Dr, Unit 41 (Beside Daycare), Mississauga, ON L5L 5M5























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