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Permanent GPU repair MacBook Pro 15" Early 2011, Late 2011, MacBook Pro 17" early 2011, Late 2011


early 2011 gpu repair

If you have an early and late 2011 15” MacBook Pro a1286 or early and late 2011 17” MacBook Pro a1297, you might have problems mentioned below.

  1. Grey screen
  2. White screen
  3. Black screen
  4. Blue Screen
  5. Colored lines
  6. Apple logo
  7. Startup problem
  8. Moving bar (left to right) stuck
  9. Moving circle
  10. Rebooting
  11. Freezing
  12. Distorted graphicsgpu repair a1286


This happens due to a defective GPU. These problems mostly occur when user plays hd videos or they use these MacBooks for video editing with programs like Photoshop or Final Cut Pro.
Apple had offered a repair program which expired in December, 2016. Apple no longer offer repair for these models.
Heating the affected video chip fixes the problem temporarily. Replacing the chip is possible but because of the original defect, the problem may return. We have seen hundreds of these machines. We offer permanent repair for this problem. If you are selling the affected MacBook Pro, We offer good price for a1297 and a1286 MacBook pro from year 2011. Please contact us today.a1297 17" graphics repair

We can do all the three kinds of repairs but the permanent repair is the best because this problem will be solved permanently. We offer very attractive price for this repair. This price is great due to the fact that buying a used ($900 and up) or new 15" MacBook Pro ($2500 and up) will cost you a lot of money. Apple no more makes 17" MacBook Pro. A used 17" MacBook Pro will cost over a thousend dollars.

One beautiful fact about our permanent fix is, we can perform this repair within a couple of hours. so it is fast and affordable repair that will last.

Apple used nVidia video chip in these models. Hundereds of machines have been affected with this issue. Finally there is a fix for it.

We can deal with all the following issues with early and late 2011 a1286 and a1297 MacBook Pro laptops.

* Macbook pro 2011 graphics card replacement or repair
* Macbook gpu failure fix
* BGA reballing service or alternative permanent repair
* Macbook pro graphics card replacement cost (free estimate)
* Replace graphics card a1297, 2011
* A1286 2011 graphics card replacement cost (free estimate)
* Apple 15" Macbook pro graphics card price
* A1286 gpu failure fix
* a1286 2011 graphics card replacement
* 2011 graphics card upgrade
* Graphics card failure symptoms
* 2011 gpu replacement
* A1286 gpu failure fix
* Graphics card quick repair or reballing
* Early 2011 motherboard replacement
* Late 2011 logic board repair
* 15" unibody (late 2011) 2.2 ghz logic board fix
* 2011 logic board replacement program over
* Late 2011 logic board repair
* 2011 logic board replacement program ended
* Late 2011 graphics fix
* Early and late 2011 disable AMD gpu
* Late 2011 graphics card replacement
* A1297 Macbook pro graphics card failure symptoms
* Early and late a1286 macbook pro graphics card
* A1286 logicboard recall
* A1286 video problems
* Early, Late 2011 graphics card replacement, reballing, repair or permanent fix
* Macbook pro 17" 2011 graphics card fix
* Early 17" 2011 Macbook pro graphics card problem
* Early and Late 2011 graphics card replacement cost (free estimate)

For permanent repair for early 2011 MacBook Pro, please call 416-434-6427 or contact us.

We also have permanent repair program for 15" MacBook Pro a1276 video problem with panic

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