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Mac Repair Oakville, MacBook screen repair Oakville

macbook repair oakville

macbook pro screen repair on sale computer star

MacBook Pro Screen Replacement / repair

Mac screen repair at lowest price (limited time offer)

Different MacBook Pro models have different screens types and sizes. For example a1278, a1297 and a1286 have an LCD and a glass on top of LCD. Both can be replaced. The glass has is glued to the screen assembly. The LCD can only be removed when the glass is taken of the screen. These screens are regular screen. After a1278 model, Apple introduced retina screens in all newer models. The screen resolution is excellent in all future (roughly from mid 2012 models) Mac laptops.  Our Macintosh certified technician can correctly install a fully new screen assembly. MacBook Pro screen replacement for A1425, A2159, A1932, A2251, A2337, A2338, A1989, A2289, A1502, A2179, A1278, A1707, A1706, A1708, A1205 and all other newer models. Want to get an idea of LCD repair cost? click on MacBook Pro screen replace cost link in the above table. We also offer used original MacBook Pro screen replacement service. Please call at 905-272-8324.


macbook screen repair oakville


Mac Certified Technicians


What Kind of Apple laptop you have?

Which one of the following Apple Mac models do you own? Apple family of computers includes MacBook Air, MacBook 13.3", MacBook 12", MacBook Pro 14", MacBook Pro 17", MacBook Pro retina touch bar, Mac Mini, iMac, iMac Pro, Mac Studio, Mac Pro, MacBook Pro 16", MacBook Pro 15.4", MacBook Pro Intel, MacBook Pro M1, MacBook Pro M2, MacBook Pro M3, or newer silicon series.


What to do next?

Disconnect all the wires and accessories and bring your Mac to our Macintosh repair store near Oakville. You can also use our free pickup service for Oakville city.

Free estimate

Our Mac certified expert will evaluate your machine and will give you a free no obligation quote. If you accept the quote, we will repair your Mac otherwise there will be no charge for evaluation.

free estimate for mac repair mississauga


Our 90 days repair warranty provides a peace of mind. If the same problem comes back within 90 days, we will take care of it without extra charge.

mac repair warranty

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Apple computer repair service for all models

We offer hardware and software repair services for Mac, MacBook, iMac, Mac Pro, Macbook Air repair, Mac mini Mini, MacBook Pro, PC Laptop, PC Desktop, ipad & iphone. 13" family includes 13.3” MacBook Pro a1278 (2008-2012), a1607 (touch bar, non touch bar 2016-17), a1708 (touch bar, non touch bar 2016-17) a1989 (touch bar, non touch bar2018, 2019), a2159 (touch bar, non touch bar), a2289 (touch bar, non touch bar), a2338 (touch bar, non touch bar), a2251 (touch bar, non touch bar) and newer models. 15" are a1286 and a1398. They have built-in RAM, PCIE SSD and retina screen but don't have DVD drive. The 16” and 14” MacBook Pro was released in 2021. Both have RAM and SSD integrated into the logic board. The 17” inch a1297 was released in 2009. The next model was released in 2011. All the above models are from 2008 to 2023. These models are mixed with Intel, T2 chip, m1 and m2 chips.  T2 chip was introduced in 2018 and M1 was included in 2020. Apple introduced iMac in 2006. They used regular LCD screens in iMac models until 2011. 2012 and all later models come with retina display screens. 2012 and up also come with a mix of regular hard drives and SSDs. Newer models have built-in SSD drives. For MacBook Pro repair or iMac repair in Oakville, call us today. Want to replace your MacBook screen or any other Apple service? call our Mac & PC service Oakville at 905-272-8324.

mac m1 repair


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macbook pro screen repair

MacBook Pro Logic Board repair

A1278 logic board known as motherboard has separate RAM, hard drive and DVD drive. From 2013 to 2015 models, the RAM is built-in on the board. 2016 and 2017 also have built-in RAM. These models have SSD drive while the previous models had traditional drive. From 2018 to the latest model, the RAM and hard drive storage is built-in to the logic board. Logic board is the main engine of a MacBook Pro laptop. This model logic board has built-in CPU, graphics card and different components responsible for the smooth operation of the board. If the logic board goes bad, it is possible to fix it. There are more than one reasons for logic board failure. It can die due to manufacturing defects. Heat can kill the GPU or other components. Short circuit can damage it. Physical damage, liquid or water spill can kill it too. If your MacBook Pro is dead or has no power, we are here to help.


macbook pro fix


MacBook Pro Keyboard Repair

Keyboards in Apple laptops are very popular among users due to proper backlight, keys softness, flexibility and ease of use.  Keyboards are replaceable in all 13” MacBook Pro machines. There are two ways to replace the keyboard. A new base can be replaced with track pad and keyboard together pre-installed on it or just the keyboard can be removed and replaced with a new one. A keyboard is also repairable without replacing it. For example if some keys are broken or sticky, they can be replaced individually. Almost all keyboards have backlight attached to them. A lot of times, the backlight is also damaged especially if the keyboard is liquid damaged. Backlight board part is not part of the keyboard and must be installed or replaced separately. The keyboard replacement cost varies from year to year and model to model. Mostly Mac keyboard replacement in newer models is complicated and replacement keyboard cost more. Keyboard replacement process usually takes a couple of hours depending on model.


macbook pro retina repair

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MacBook Pro Track Pad Repair Oakville

Track Pad is a built-in part that is used as a mouse when it comes to computer usage. All Mac laptops come with track pad. Track Pads can go bad too. No cursor movement, no click function, auto cursor movement and auto clicks are the most common issues in MacBook Pro track pad. This can happen due to natural wear and tear, manufacturing defect, electronic failure or liquid spill. Some MacBook Pro laptops come with smaller Track Pad and some like newer model have a little bigger track pads. When they fail, they must be replaced.  Those models which have mounted batteries, the track pad can be removed comparatively easily while in other models where the battery is glued to the bas are not easy ones. In any case, trying to replace this part without any experience can be harmful for the computer. It is therefore recommended to let a trained and certified technicians to the job properly.

macbook pro kb repair


MacBook Pro Battery Repair & Replacement Oakville

A battery is a power backup part in a laptop. Many kinds of batteries are found in different MacBook Pro laptops. A1383 and a1321are used for a1286 MBP. A1322 is used in a1278 MBP. The 13” a1425 has battery model a1437. A1502 uses a1493 and a1582 battery and so on. Batteries are consumable items and can die at some point. The main reasons of failure are mostly liquid damage, wear and tear, age, manufacturing defects etc. All Mac laptops’ batteries are replaceable. Some are mounted with screws and others are glued to the bottom case and very hard to remove.

The installation time is different due to the above reasons. Some of the symptoms when a battery has a problem are, machine will not turn on, the computer will behave strangely and it may shutdown randomly. When it comes to quality, there is more than one kind of batteries available for all MacBook Pro machines. There are cheaper priced low quality, medium quality and high quality batteries available in the market. If you have a need to replace a failed battery in your MacBook Pro, call our certified technician today at 905-272-8324.

macbook pro battery replacement repair

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15" late 2013 cpu crash issue


Apple repair near Oakville city.

Our certified professionals can fix computer, PC laptop, Notebook, server desktop and all Apple computers at our computer repair store. You can drop-off your Mac or any other computer at our Apple repair service Centre for Oakville or use our free pickup service. We specialize in software and hardware repairs in Oakville area. We have over 2 decades of experience repairing laptop and desktop computers.

macbook services

Our technicians are ComptIA A+, Microsoft and Apple certified. We offer 3 months warranty. Most of our repairs are fast as we stock most of Apple Mac parts. We offer emergency computer repair services at our Dundas and Highway 403 location. If your computer has died and you need to recover data, please bring it to Apple Mac repair lab near Oakville.

apple desktop repair


If you have an existing system with software or hardware issue, we can help. Our experienced technicians can troubleshoot any problem with your computer whether it is hardware or software related. Please click on contact us page or call our Macbook Pro repair Oakville area lab at 9052728324.


desktop service


macintosh service centre

MacBook LogicBoard Repair & GPU Service

We fix MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro logic boards. If your Mac laptop is not starting up or its giving you problems we our Macintosh certified technician at Macbook repair facility for Oakville can help. Mac logic board symptoms mostly include no power, black screen, freezing, blue screen, white screen, colored screen, rebooting, heat up, slowness, keyboard or track pad not working, no charging issue, not detecting battery, wifi not working, Bluetooth not working, no back light and more. These symptoms are either caused by natural wear and tear, power issues or liquid damage. Our certified technicians have extensive experience dealing with these issues. We have most of parts in stock which makes the repair process much faster. Visit our Apple Mac repair location near Oakville today.


macbook logic board repair


We also offer a unique GPU solution for all affected models including A1286 2011 (early & late) MacBook Pro 15, 2009 MacBook Pro logic board 17” A1297, 2010 MacBook Pro A1286 panic 15”, 2011 (early & late) MacBook Pro 17” A1297, Mid 2012 MacBook Pro Retina, 15” A1398 and early 2013 MacBook Pro 15” Retina A1398. We also have the same service for 15" late 2013 cpu crash issue. We can recover data from 2016 or 2017 15" MacBook Pro with dead logic board. If you want to sell a1707 15" MacBook Pro (used /broken), we can buy it. Click on the image below for more details. Call Macbook Pro logic board repair centre for Oakville today.


gpu fix mbp

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iMac Repair Oakville

We specialize in iMac repair in Oakville area. We replace and repair iMac logic board, iMac screen, iMac hard drive and can deal with all other iMac related issues. If your iMac does not turn on and you want to recover your important data or both (repair and recovery), iMac repair Oakville can help. Do you want to transfer data (documents, photos, videos, emails etc.) to your new iMac? We can help. Do you have an old iMac that is showing Apple log and progress bar and never boots to desktop screen? Did graphics card failed in your 2009, 2010 or 2011 iMac? Is your 2012, 2013, 2014 or newer iMac slow? iMac repair Oakville can help.

iMac screen replacement:

If you have an old model i.e. before 2012, we can help if you want replace screen or glass. We use original LCD screen for iMac. The glass is genuine from another iMac. We also sell and replace new LCD screens. Our LCD replacement cost is very low compare to other computer shops because we mostly have them in stock. If you have iMac from 2012 and above, these machines have all in one screens i.e. the LCD and glass is one piece. We have original iMac screens for 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and up. We can also replace and repair LCD screens for iMac Pro model. You have your own LCD and want us to install it for you? We can help. Our iMac LCD screen replacement service for Oakville is fast and affordable. Our Apple certified technician will make sure the job is done correcly. Call our iMac screen replacement Oakville service today.


imac repair oakville

Slow iMac repair

We can make your iMac run way faster than before. Do you want to upgrade your iMac so it runs faster? Our Macintosh certified technician can help. If your iMac has startup issue, freezing problem, black screen issue, booting trouble, slowness, rebooting loop or any hardware or software problem, bring it to your Oakville neighborhood store today or call 9052728324.

imac 2010 2011 2012 repair oakville

Mac mini Repair

Mac mini is the small desktop computer from Apple. It looks like a small cube made of aluminum. It has connection for display, USB, audio and USB-C. This machine comes in different models (2009 till now). Old models have logic board, regular hard drive, RAM, power supply and fan. Everything in this machine is compact i.e. small logic board, small SSD or regular drive, integrated SSD drive. Our Mac certified technicians have over a decade experience repairing Mac mini computers. Our Mac mini repair shop for Oakville can deal with any hardware or software problem. If your Mac mini has a startup problem, is freezing, needs upgrade, needs hard drive replacement, needs data recovery, needs OS X reinstallation, Mac mini repair centre can help. If you want to transfer your data from old Mac mini to new Mac mini computer, our Mac mini repair Oakville centre can do the job for you. If you live in Oakville area and have a need for Mac mini repair, please call our Apple Mac mini store at  9052728324.

mac mini repair oakville

iPad & iPhone Repair

We work on all iPad models (old & new) like iPad, iPad Pro, iPad 2017, iPad 2018, iPad 10.5” iPad 12.9”, iPad Air, iPad mini. Similarly, our professionals can solve any problem in iPhone models like iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone 10, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone 13, iPhone 14 and all new models. We can troubleshoot and repair all kinds of hardware and software problems. For further details please click on the respective images below. For more details about our iPad repair services in Oakville, please click on contact us page or call us at 905-272-8324.

image 1

ipad pro repair oakville


iamge 2

ipad mini fix oakville

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