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Data Recovery Brampton, Ontario

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Computer Data Recovery:

Did your computer crashed and you think you have lost your QuickBooks data? Don't panic, we can still recover it. Our experts can recover data from iPad, iPad2, iMac, MacBook, broken USB stick, PC hard drive, laptop hard disk, encrypted hard disk, camera, video camera, memory card and more. If your machine's hard drive has stopped working and you have business files like Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint 1997, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, Outlook PST file, entourage, outlook express and Microsoft office for Mac emails, we can help to recover the data for you. Whether it's SSD data recovery, hard drive recovery, USB recovery, SD card recovery, Raid data recovery or any other internal drive or external USB recovery, call our Mac data recovery service for Brampton area.

We have experts who can recover data from any media. This includes data recovery from hard drives, recovery from raid arrays, data retrieval from SSD disks, rescue data from burnt or dropped drives, repair broken or damaged USB flash drives, extract information from all kinds of SD cards used in cell phones, digital cameras. We have recovered data from iPhone 5, 4, 4s, 3g, 3gs.

If your computer or Mac is dead, the data is still recoverable. We can either transfer your data to a good drive or if the drive is dead, we will give you a free quote for data recovery. We are an affordable data recovery company for Brampton. Whether you live in Brampton West, East, North or Brampton South, we can pickup your storage media and evaluate it for free. You only pay when the recovery is acceptable to you.

If you live in Brampton and want to repair your PC laptop or desktop, we will fix it for free (you only pay for a new hard drive) if we recover your data. Data recovery service in Brampton is available for Mac drives, PC, Linux or network drives. Save money on data recovery in Brampton area.

QuickBooks data recovery:

Error: "The user name admin is not a recognized user”

QuickBooks user some time can get this error. This means all the data is no more accessible which could be a very bad news for a business. The error appears when the user types the password and press ok. A popup window opens immediately and displays the above error message. Some suggests calling Intuit for support which is not free most of the time. Some suggest, it could be a corruption in the data file that holds all the transactions. They say there might be a corruption in the user table in data file.  Some suggest calling QuickBooks data recovery service. This could end up being very expensive. There are many suggestions on the Internet. It is crucial not to attempts repairs without proper knowledge. It is very important to do regular backups. When a file gets corruption, a previous backup can be restored which might be short of a few transactions but it will save unlimited hours of work. We have solved this type of problem in the past without losing data.

Basic, level 2, level 3, level 4 data recovery lab for Brampton area


* Recovery from usb, flash memory, sandisk, adata,    Kingston and more

* Recovery from sd card, micro sd card and all kinds of    memory cards

* Recovery from all hard drives like scsi, sata, IDE, server    drive, machine drive, desktop drive and laptop drive.

* Recovery from Solid State drives like 2.5 inch ssd, Apple    pcie ssd, m.2 ssd, msata, built-in flash on macbook pro    retina, macbook and macbook air.

* Recovery from all cameras

* Data recovery from phones like Apple iPhone, iPad,    Samsung and android devices.

* Recovery from dead computer and laptop

* Recovery from Network Storage NAS, external storage

* Data recovery form all portable and desktop external    hard drives

* Data recovery from all raid arrays raid 0, raid 1, raid 3,    raid 5, raid 10

* Data recovery from liquid damage macbook pro,    macbook air, macbook, ipad, iphone and all liquid    damage phones and tablets.

* Data recovery of osx using fusion drive

* Flash chip recovery from usb drives that are dead or    their controllers have failed.

* Recovery from file corruption, damaged operating    system, encrypted data, virus and more

* We can recover and repair your computer, laptop,    macbook and bring it to the state when it failed.


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Data Recovery for Brampton and surrounding cities

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