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Professional Data Recovery Services


data recovery

High Success Rate
Free Evaluation
Free Pickup
Dust Free Environment


Internal Hard Drives

Our hardware and software certified technicians can recover data from all kinds of internal hard drives. Internal drives are found in laptops, desktops, servers, gaming consoles, raid arrays, surveillance camera box and all other kinds of computer systems. Internal drives come in different shapes, types and capacities (SAS, PATA, IDE, SCSI, SAS, SSD, 1.8”, 2.5”, 3.5”, mSATA etc.). We can get data from internal drives that are water damaged, virus infected, corrupted with software and hardware, have firmware issues, affected with file system and tables damage, have electronic problems at PCB level, have connector issues, have burnt components on PCB, have one or more bad heads, have frozen motor, have platters physical damage, accidentally deleted and drives with all other problems. We do head transplants in clean environment. Mississauga residents can click on the blow link in the table for more details and recovery centre location. Emergency data retrieval service is available weekdays and weekends. Please call data recovery lab at 905-272-8324.


 internal id drive recovery

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External Drives

We specialize in external hard drive recovery. We have recovered all kinds of external hard drives in the past. External hard drives are the storage media used to save data outside the actual computers system. They mostly come in two types, a desktop drive and portable one. The desktop drive has a USB cable and power cord. There may be one or more drives inside the box. Portable drives only have one USB cable that is used to feed power to the drive and to transfer data. Portable traditional external hard drives are mostly 2.5”. Some modern drives come in very small size like Samsung T5 SSD. All drives have PCB boards whether they are traditional or SSD. Our experts can fix any hardware and software problems with external hard drives. They can recover data from drives with any kind of issue like corrupt file system, bad sectors, bad heads, bad PCB, bad PCB components, firmware chip corruption, failed programming, hidden data or any other problem. For more information click on the below image or call our data recovery specialists at 9052728324.


ext drive repair

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network, solid state recovery ssd data recovery


Computer Star’s highly qualified technicians can repair and recover 2.5” SSD SATA, Fusion, M.2 SATA SSD, M.2 NVMe SSD, PCI Express SSD, mSATA, SSD, 1.8” SSD, IBM SSD, Apple Built-In onboard SSD, Apple PCIe SSD and more. We can also backup your important data like documents, pictures, videos, music and any other data onto an external hard disk or transfer it to a new Mac, laptop or PC computer.

ssd data recovery

An SSD drive can have variety of problems. We can recover M.2 SSD from PC laptops and desktops. Most of the times we can do hardware repair and software troubleshooting if the solid state drive is not being detected by a computer. We use modern technology for data recovery from all SSD drives.


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m.2 nvme ssd recovery

We can fix SSDs with PCB, controller, memory chip, connector and firmware related problems. For more information click on the below image or give us a call at 9052728324.

msata ssd fix

When it comes to data recovery, we deal with all brands and models like Samsung, Crucial, Western Digital, Kingston Technology, Sandisk, Sabrent, ADATA, Seagate, Micron Technology, Corsair, Toshiba, Gigabyte, Lite-On, Silicon Power, G.Skill, Transcend, OCZ, Mushkin, PNY, HGST, Kingspec, Valuegist Tech, Lexar, Texas MS, Netac Tech, Mtron, SuperTalent, Fusion-io, Sandforce, Lenovo, MSI and all others models from all manufacturers.

2.5" ssd repair

professional raid data recovery raid array recovery

Our data recovery specialists have extensive experience dealing with all kinds of raid arrays like raid 0 (stripping), raid 1(mirroring), raid 6 (dual parity), raid 5 (distributed array), mirroring strip sets i.e. raid 10 by combining raid 0 and raid 1. We work on both software and hardware raids. We can fix and recover data from corrupted raid system. If you are using hardware raid and the storage is not accessible due failure of raid card, we can reconstruct the array and recover your important business or personal data. We can recover data from server raids and independent computer system raids. Call our data recovery lab today at 9052728324.

raid recovery

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Computer Star’s techs are ready to recover data from raids in PCs and Mac computers. We fully understand how a raid system is setup in PC computers. Do you have a raid where an SSD drive is linked to a traditional drive? When it comes to Mac, our experts can recover data from fusion setup or any independent traditional / SSD drive. Fusion setup can be found in some 27” Apple’s iMac computers as well as in Windows laptops and desktops. If this kind of setup is mishandled, it will put data at high risk. A technician with proper experience can only handle this kind of situation. For more details please click on the image below. You can also call our data recovery centre at 905-272-8324.

raid repair


usb data recovery experts usb flash drive recovery

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USB flash drive recovery experts at Computer Star can recover data from dead, burnt, physically, broken USB sticks or USB flash drives with any other software or hardware problem. We can repair all brands and any type of flash memory drive with both hardware and software issues. In software our techs can deal with bad tables, corrupt file system, hidden data and any other situation. In hardware, we can repair the board, replace or fix components, replace controller, solve firmware related trouble, bypass controller, extract data directly from nand memory chips, repair basic or microscopic level damage related to USB port, replace the connector or USB port and more. For more details, please call our data recovery centre or click on the below image.

usb flash drive recovery


mac data recovery

We can recover data from Mac computers. We work on iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, MacBook Air, Mac Studio, Mac Pro, Time Capsule, Time Machine, iMac Pro and all other old and new Apple machines. We specialize in data recovery from drives like Mac PCIe SSD, traditional 3.5” hdd, 2.5” disk and storage integrated onto Mac logic board. Experienced and Macintosh certified technicians can recover Photos, videos, iPhoto libarary, Photos library, music, documents, applications, OS X and other data. Our professionals can deal with all old and new models. In most cases we can get your data in the same format as it was stored on your Mac before it died. A lot of times, we can bring all the apps and data back to the original state like before. This not only saves time for the Mac owner but it is also very user friendly process. Customers get everything as well as a ready to go computer. Want to recover data from iPhone or iPad? Contact us today. For more details, please click on the blow image or call our Mac data recovery team at 905-272-8324.

apple data recovery

iphone & ipad data recovery specialists ipad,iphone recovery

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Our Macintosh certified technicians can recover Apple devices with liquid damage, no power, black screen, iTunes logo, recovery mode, freezing, attempting data recovery, physically damaged or any other issue. Bring your iPhone for data recovery with broken screen, dead logic board or no display problem. We deal with all (new & old) Apple iPhone and iPad models. We also recover data from android and non-android phones. Please click on the below image to get more information or you can call our data recovery centre at 905-272-8324.


water damage iphone data recovery


recover videos from camcorder camcorder retrieval

Data recovery professionals at Computer Star can recover photos and videos from all types / brands of camcorders like Canon, Sony, Panasonic, HP, Nikon COOLPIX, GoPro and many others. It does not matter what media they have like internal hard disk, cassette or DVD media; we can get the data for you. If your camcorder stopped working and you have DVDs that cannot be opened, played or read by devices like computer, camcorder or DVD player, we can recover videos from these DVDs.

camcorder photo data recovery


digital camera photo recovery digital camera fix

Our certified technicians specialize in data recovery from all kinds of digital cameras. Whether you are using your camera for personal photography or you are a professional photographer, we can help recover your lost photos and videos from internal and external media (SD card). We work on all cameras like Canon, Sony, Nikon, Fujifilm, Panasonic, Slympus and all other brands.

photo recovery


sd card recovery

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SD card data recovery service is available for SanDisk, Transcend, SanDisk Extream, PNY X-Pro, Kingston, Lexar or any other model or brand. We can deal with regular SD cards, Micro SD cards and Monolith based cards. We use high end technology for monolith SD cards data recovery. Click on the blow image to find more about our SD card data recovery or you can call our number at  905-272-8324.

sd card recovery

sd card repair


data recovery company Toronto Canada


Here is how it works

You can bring or ship your media. We will give you free estimate after free evaluation. After approval, you only pay when you get all your required data.

data recovery etobicoke

Our professionals can recover data from all kinds and brands of computers and devices like desktop, laptop, servers, netbook, NAS, all Macintosh devices and all other media. We deal with all brands like Acer, Apple, Asus, Dell, Alienware, Fujitsu, Gateway, Gigabyte, Hewlett Packard (HP), Compaq, Hitachi, IBM, Lenovo, LG, MDG, Medion, MSI, NEC, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony VAIO, Toshiba, eMachine, Pakcard Bell, Eee PC and all other storage devices.

data transfer brampton

Did your data disappear all of the sudden? Did a technician from a computer store delete your files by formatting your hard drive? Did you format your hard drive using factory default restore? Lost files, music, data and iTunes library from Time Capsule? Did you format your Toshiba, Acer, Emachine or any other laptop? Your computer cannot detect SATA, SSD or IDE drive? Do you see a folder with question mark when turn on your Mac? Cannot see data or files on your external hard disk (Mac or PC)? Cannot see hard disk in bios setup? Lost pictures / photos while transferring data from one device to another? Call for our data recovery experts help at  905-272-8324.


Free Pickup Service

Toronto, Etobicoke, North York, Markham, Pickering, Scarborough, Richmond Hill, Brampton, Georgetown, Caledon, Vaughan, Woodbridge, Mississauga, Milton, Oakville, Ajax, Burlington, Hamilton and Guelph and all other cities in GTA.

Outside GTA

If you live outside GTA or Canada, please ship your device to our data recovery lab Mississauga. Upon arrival, we will evaluate your media and give you a free quote (within 24 hours mostly).

Canada & U.S

Serving all provinces of Canada.





British Columbia


New Brunswick

Nova Scotia

Prince Edward Island

Newfoundland & Labrador


Northwest Territories

Yukon Territory

























































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# Polaroid, Samsung,Yashica
# Recover data from damaged disks
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