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iPhone Repair Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Etobicoke & GTA

Apple Certified Technicians | Parts in stock | Fast | Affordable | 90 Days warranty|No fix , no Charge 

Our services:

Common problems in iPhone models:

 iPhone is broken, unresponsive touch screen, cracked LCD, black screen, liquid damaged, non-responsiveness, dead or defective battery, defective or dead charging port, malfunctioning speakers or volume button, broken or non-responsive power button, defective or non-functioning proximity sensor, ear piece or earphone problem, freezing or bad IOS software, water damaged logic board, wifi problem, vibration button broken, application malfunctioning like WhatsApp, Skype or games, resetting the IOS, backup restore problem, data lost and other software issues.



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We are fully prepared to deal with all the above and any other issue with your iOS device. We have most parts in stock. We can fix any problem quickly and efficiently. Our technicians are Macintosh certified. We offer 90 days warranty. We finish most of iPhone repair jobs the same day. We also sell iPhone charges and head phones. Are you looking for a reliable iPhone repair business in Mississauga? We are here to help. We have been fixing Apple products since 2007. For iPhone touch screen or LCD replacement, you have to wait 1-2 hours. Emergency repair are done while you wait.


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We use good quality parts. Our iPhone parts are fully compatible. Whether you live in Cooksville, Streetsville, Meadowvale, Malton, Churchill Meadows, Clarkson or Lisgar, our certified technicians are here to help. If your iPhone has been liquid / water damaged and you have important photos, videos or other data on it, we can repair / recover it for you. We have high success rate for liquid damaged iPhones. We have recovered many iPhone devices in the past. We stock screens, batteries and all other parts for all iPhone models. We can replace screens and batteries for older models too.



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We repair iPhone front and back camera. We can help with iTunes and iCloud setup on PC and Mac computers. Other repairs include volume control, SIM card issues with "no service", sync issues for contacts, photos, music, videos, notes, calendars. For other IOS device repairs please click hereiPad screen repair for Mississauga


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There are some known issues with iPhone 6 plus logic board where the touch stops working even with a good and working touch screen. This is called touch disease. We can solve this problem. We have fixed many iPhones with this issue. iPhone 7 has some audio defects too. When this happens, speakers can't be enabled because the speaker icon would be grayed out. User will have trouble calling other party due to no audio trouble. We have successfully fixed many iPhone 7 devices with this audio problem. Some iPhone models have known issue with wifi. The wifi button ON / OFF would be grayed out. This again happens due to a failed component on the logic board. We have a fix for that too.



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Special Solution for iPhone Touch Disease

iPhone 6 plus has a known issue known as touch issue. This may happen after physical damage. It is fixable. If your phone has touch disease or the digitizer does not work, we have good success rate repairing this problem. The repair process is fast and reliable. The repair can be mostly completed within a day. We offer 3 months warranty for this solution. Our technicians are Macintosh certified and have over 20 years of experience. For more details please click on contact us page or call today.


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About iPhone repair and data recovery

In this article I will talk about iphone, iPhone repair and possibilities of data loss and recovery. I will also throw light on repairs related to different iPhone models.

Apple has introduced many models when it comes to iPhone. They started with iPhone 2g. They then moved to iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 5c, SE, 6, 6 plus,  6s, 6 plus, 7, 7 plus, 8, 8 plus and iPhone x. These phones come in different screen sizes, colors and capacities. As they introduce more and more models, they also introduced different operating systems. All these models were very popular through their times. iPhone 2g was the first ever model that came in the market, followed by 3g. Then Apple changed the design and continued the same style until the latest one.  As more and more devices came in the market, people heavily started depending on them. The high resolution camera was one of the main reasons of this dependence.

This heavy dependence on iPhone created a new big market for these devices. People started to use them for making photos and videos. They took over the whole market of photo cameras. This was really great work by Apple to replace cameras with iPhones. It’s a well known fact that nothing last forever. Like other electronic devices, iPhones also break, so repair and data recovery is a must in such situations. There could be a variety of problems with these devices. The main two types of issue are software and hardware related. These devices use a special operating system developed by Apple known as ios. Overall Apple did a great job by developing their ios operating system. It’s secure and very stable operating system in the market today. They offer regular updates for their ios. The only time there is a problem with ios, is when users don’t install regular updates or when an ios update fails to complete successfully. A failed upgrade is very dangerous for data. Data is almost impossible to recover in this type of situation.

There are many situations when the device needs to be recovered but I will first talk about the most common issues with these devices. I want to talk about the most common problems with these phones. The top rated issues are user created i.e. broken screens. When screens are broken, the user data is not accessible. In most cases, replacing the screen with a good one can bring the phone back to normal allowing the user to access all the data. Sometimes this can be a little risky for the data especially if the new screen has issues that force the device to type wrong password repeatedly resulting in disabling the phone. Battery has been the next famous issue with them. Just like all other electronic devices, iPhone batteries also go bad especially in older models. When there is a problem with battery, the phone will not turn on or will not charge. iPhone 6 slows down when there is a problem with the battery. Apple has accepted that they made steps to slow down this device when the battery gets older. To accommodate users, they are offering discounted battery replacement program at the moment.

Just like other computers, laptops and tablets, these devices can die when their logic boards go bad. This may be a result of electrical shock or liquid damage.  Data is stored in internal memory soldered on to the logic board. The recovery is possible with the right tools and technical skills. These phones use special and high level encryption and are almost impossible to get into. Only the right procedure and tools can be useful to recover data from Apple phone. Memory corruption is another type of problem that is very common these days.  This could happen due to memory failure or software corruption. Memory is built-in on to the logic board. Replacing the board means all the data will be lost. The recovery is possible in most cases.

In this article I discussed different iPhone models by Apple and possible problems, repair and recovery. We also offer Mac repair service. Please visit Mac repair Mississuaga page.