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MacBook, MacBook Pro logic board repair Toronto, Mississauga, , Oakville, Brampton (Liquid damage, Water damage)

Macintosh Certified Technician

iMac Logic Board       MacBook Pro Retina Logic Board      MacBook Air Logic Board      

Macbook Pro logic board repair for all models i.e. 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and up. If Logic Board of your MacBook Pro, MacBook Air or MacBook stopped working because you spilled, coke, drink, juice, beer or any other liquid then this same logic board / motherboard of your machine is repairable at affordable prices. We offer a unique permanent fix for mid 2012, early 2013 Macbook Pro models. More details about symptoms here. We also have permanent fix for 2011 Macbook Pro (both 15" & 17") with all the symptoms in this link


12 macbook repair 2015


When a Mac Laptop is damaged with liquid, anything can happen. The keyboard can become unresponsive, different components like sound chips, mouse connector or, MagSafe port can go bad. Display connector stop working or the whole logic board can die. Most of the times, when the logic board is dead, MacBook Pro laptop won't turn on. When this happens, users try to dry the machine for sometime and try to turn it on. A lot of times, the machine will turn on but in majority of cases, the logic board will die with serious complications after sometime. If the Apple MacBook end up in a professional and certified repair center, chances are, it will cost less and the problem will be solved permanently. After liquid damage, the components on the logic board get water corrosion which damages connections, chips, and ICs. When a wet Apple laptop is powered on, a short circuit may happen and this may destroy even more circuits and chips. We repair many MacBook Pro logic boards every month and most of times, it is tea spill, coke damage, wine, water and liquids. We have extensive experience with MacBook Air and MacBook Pro logic board repair. We have high success rate cleaning liquid from all Apple laptops. We have high success rate with MacBook Pro and MacBook Air logic board repair. Looking for MacBook screen replacement ? We can help.


macbook motherboard repair mississauga toronto

Did your Mac laptop's SuperDrive stopped working? The LCD screen is damaged because of water or keyboard / track pad is dead? Loud fan noise? We can repair loud fan problem in all Apple computers like Mac mini, iMac, Mac Pro, PowerPC G5, new MacBook 12", all New MacBook Pro retina models etc.


water damaged macbook pro logic board repair mississauga


  • MacBook pro logic board repair (water damaged)
  • MacBook Pro repair by certified techs
  • Mac mini logic board repair or replacement
  • MacBook network card repair
  • MacBook Pro 15" early 2011 fix
  • MacBook Pro 15" late 2011 GPU repair
  • MacBook Pro 17" early, late 2011 repair
  • MacBook Air dc-in board repair
  • iMac logic board repair or replacement
  • MacBook 12" liquid damage repair
  • Silver MacBook unibody screen repair
  • Unibody MacBook Pro pre-unibody Nvidia video repair
  • Logic board sound card repair service
  • Apple USB repair
  • Retina MacBook pro screen LCD cable repair
  • 2016, 2017, 2018 MacBook Pro logic board
  • 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009 MacBook pro motherboard repair
  • MacBook Air motherboard replacement service
  • Logic board component level repair done by professionals with 90 days warranty
  • MacBook Pro laptops that are in Apple warranty or out of Apple warranty. Mac laptop service centre
  • 17" MacBook Pro logic board USB port repair
  • Black MacBook logic board RAM bay repair
  • PowerBook G4 motherboard repair
  • 15" MacBook Pro keyboard repair as a result of water damage
  • A1466. a1502. a1398 MacBook Pro with damaged mouse track pad repair by experienced experts.
  • Broken headphone jack removal from retina and non retina MacBook Pro
  • Slow new MacBook Pro startup with grey progress bar moving from left to right
  • 2013 MacBook Pro retina screen repair / replacement
  • iMac 27" logic board repair
  • iMac 24", 21.5", 20" logic board repair
  • Wifi connector repair in 13" MacBook Pro
  • Retina keyboard repair and replacement
  • Water damaged battery indicator repair
  • 13" i7, i5 display replacement or LCD repair
  • 13" & 15" battery replacement
  • MagSafe and MagSafe 2 adapter replacement
  • Best MacBook Pro logic board component level repair
  • Logic board battery charging problem fix
  • Logic board display port repair
  • Nvidia video treatment and repair
  • Logic board audio repair
  • Wifi antenna port repair
  • Keyboard, track pad connector repair
  • Logic board corrosion repair and cleaning
  • MacBook Pro DVD repair
  • Logic board heating treatment and repair
  • DVD connector repair
  • Liquid damage treatment
  • Keyboard back light connector repair
  • Firewire, mini vga display, thunderbolt, audio, speaker, microphone port repair
  • USB to HDMI adapter for Mac
  • Chips, ICs repair on logic board
  • Logic board dim light fix
  • Repair for Vertical or horizontal lines caused by video chip
  • Logic board / Motherboard replacement
  • Liquid damaged keyboard replacement
  • Liquid damaged logic board cleaning
  • 13" and 15" retina MacBook Pro logic board repair damaged with liquid, water, coke, bear, tea, juice, soda, Pepsi, rain, flood etc.

macbook air logic board repair

If your Apple laptop is dead and you want to retrieve your data, we can help.

For any Apple computer repair please visit our Mac and MacBook Pro repair service centre.

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We also have a Permanent Fix for known issues in 15" and 17" MacBook Pro models:

MacBook Pro 15" early 2011 GPU repair, MacBook Pro late 2011 GPU repair, MacBook Pro 17" early, late 2011 GPU repair, MacBook Pro 15" early, mid, late 2010 GPU repair panic repair, MacBook Pro 15" late 2012, early 2013 logic board repair, MacBook Pro 17" early, mid, late 2009 logic board repair

Want to sell MacBook Air damaged with liquid? We buy broken and working MacBook Air for parts.

We also fix all other computers. For PC computer repair please visit our computer repair Mississauga page. For data recovery, please visit our data recovery Mississauga page.