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Virus removal & Computer Repair Mississauga Ontario, by A+ Certified Technicians


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What kind of Virus infection is affecting your computer?

Is your computer slow due to a virus attack? Are you getting popups? Are you getting a small box with infection warnings? Is your computer rebooting? Is your computer taking too long to boot due to some bugs infection? Did hackers install a spware on your computer?

trojan infection cleaning

What to do if your computer is under virus attacked?

We strongly recommend stop using the computer after a virus attack. Hackers usually attack computers for specific reasons like identity theft and stealing money from users. If your computer is infected please bring it to our computer repair and virus cleaning centre in Mississauga.

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What to expect from us?

Our Microsoft and A+ certified technician will check your computer or laptop thoroughly and will clean it in such a way that you don't lose your data and programs. We will ensure the computer is well protected against future attacks.

computer virus protection

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PC Computer / laptop virus removal & repair

Virus removal from Windows Computer or laptop

Is your Windows computer infection with trojan or any other kind of virus? Virus attacks are very common on all Windows version like Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11 and newer versions of windows. Looking for PC repair? Bring your machine to our certified and experienced professionals who will fix it at an affordable price. We offer 90 days warranty for our services.


computer repair and virus removal mississauga

Virus removal from Mac computer

Mac computers can get virus and spware just like Windows computers. If your Mac is infected with virus, you might get popups and warnings. Virus attacks can cause hacking and strange computer behavior. If you suspect your Apple computer got a bug, spyware or adware, our Apple certified technician can clean it and make its software system stronger against any future virus attacks. We will take all the measures to block unauthorized access, spware and virus communication and any possible hacking attempts by using firewall strategies and software patches necessary for ultimate protection. If your Mac computer operating system software is up to date and its default security is turned on then chances are it will not catch infection.

mac virus cleaning mississauga


Virus removal from All-In-One PC & repair service

We can remove viruses, spware, adware, bugs, malware as well as replace any part and can upgrade all models for this type of AIO machine. We work on touch screenS and all hardware and software related problems issues.

remove virus, spware from AIO desktop

Virus removal from cell phones

If you have an android phone, tablet, iPhone or iPad and it's behaving strangely, bring it to us for check if virus or spyware is causing the issue.


remove spyware virus from cell phone


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Other services


- PC virus, Spyware, Adware removal

- Worms, Scripts removal.

- Windows installation, troubleshooting

- Upgrade, setup, Configuration

- Driver troubleshooting

- Wireless or wifi fix

- Application installation setup / repair

- Windows XP, Windows Vista

- Windows 7, Windows 8

- Windows 10 setup

- Microsoft Office Setup (CD needed)

- Antivirus installation and renewal

- Software upgrade and troubleshooting

- Build fast custom PC for normal use

- Build Gaming PC

- PC RAM Upgrade, Video card replacement

- Motherboard replacement

- Power supply replacement

- Hard drive replacement

- CPU Fan, CPU heat up, Junk removal

- PC casing fan installation

- Wireless card installation and replacement

- Fix freezing, Restarting, Black screen

- Blue screen of death, No post, No display

- Slow problem.

- Repair video problem in all-in-one PC computer

- Repair hard drive, No power issue, Beeping issue

- No power up issue, Power button repair

- RAM troubleshooting, No sound

- USB port problem, DVD drive installation

- Install USB 3.0

- Restore PC to factory settings

- Backup data, Create partition

- Recover partition

- Fix bad sectors, Format hard drive

- Wipe hard disk, Secure wipe

- Hard drive upgrade, SSD upgrade

- USB and PS2 keyboard, Monitor

- Mouse replacement


pc repair spyware removal


- Motherboard repair at component level

- Capacitors replacement

- Ethernet troubleshooting

- Router connectivity issue

- All brands like Samsung, HP, Sony

- Gateway, IBM, Asus, Emachine, Dell

- Acer, Toshiba, Lenovo etc.

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