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MacBook Pro Screen Replacement & Repair

Different MacBook Pro models have different screens types and sizes. For example a1278, a1297 and a1286 have an LCD and a glass on top of LCD. Both can be replaced. The glass has is glued to the screen assembly. The LCD can only be removed when the glass is taken of the screen. These screens are regular screen.


macbook pro retina repair


After a1278 model, Apple introduced retina screens in all newer models. The screen resolution is excellent in all future (roughly from mid 2012 models) Mac laptops.  Our Macintosh certified technician can correctly install a fully new screen assembly. MacBook Pro screen replacement for A1425, A2159, A1932, A2251, A2337, A2338, A1989, A2289, A1502, A2179, A1278, A1707, A1706, A1708, A1534 and all other models. Want to get an idea of LCD repair cost? click here MacBook Pro screen replace cost. We also offer used Original MacBook Pro screen replacement screens. Please call at 905-272-8324 or click on contact us page for location.


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mac screen repair

Recovery and repair for MacBook Pro, Mac, computer, notebook at Mac omputer repair & recovery centre by Apple certified technicians. We can fix any hard drive for Mac & PC with any problem, quickly and efficiently. We have high success rate with dead and liquid damaged logic board repairs.

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  • Mac Desktop, iMac repair

  • MacBook logic board repair

  • MacBook Pro logic board repair

  • PC computer repair and recovery service

  • MacBook Pro retina repair and recovery

  • Apple MacBook Pro and PCI Express SSD repair

  • MacBook Pro screen repair to gain access to data

  • Dead Mac and MacBook Pro revival

  • Data extraction from Notebook with Repair Service

  • Data Recovery Services by Certified Professionals

  • Speedup OS X El Capitan for over loaded disk space

  • MacBook Air repair

  • Quick and accurate MacBook Pro Retina screen replacement

  • MacBook Pro Retina a1398 15" LCD replacement

  • Upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7, Windows 8.1 without losing data

  • Backup and transfer data from Windows XP, 7, Windows 8 computer, Windows 10 laptop

  • iPad 2 dead repair and recovery due to liquid or physical damage

  • iPad 3 black screen fix and data retrieval

  • iPad 4 digitizer fix, iPad Pro support

  • New iMac Retina a1419 screen repair and data recovery

  • iPad Air and Mini Screen replacement

  • 13" MacBook repair, files and applications recovery

  • Wireless Router, Time Machine Setup or connection problems

  • Wireless Time capsule setup

  • Notebook or desktop Hardware upgrades

  • Programs Installation/Setup without losing files

  • Data loss retrieval after Spy ware/Virus infections and their cleaning

  • Encrypt Wireless Network/Router

  • Laptop hardware or software troubleshooting and HDD repair

  • LCD screen repair & installation or data transfer to external hard drive

  • Power jack repair & installation to bring all the data back

  • Keyboard repair & replacement without affecting critical data

  • Motherboard repair or replacement to bring all data back

  • Email Help & setup due to infections

  • Password Help/recovery/reset and data rescue

  • Data recovery, backup & transfer to external hard disk, network drive, USB flash drive or CD/DVD

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