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Will this permanent fix Work for me?

Here is the most asked question about our permanent gpu fix for MacBook Pro. Will this fix work for me? Before answering the question, let me explain what is this fix is all about? Let say your 15 or 17 inch MacBook Pro has all the symptoms like black screen, white screen, grey screen, stuck on startup, distorted screen, stuck on Apple logo, color vertical strips etc. Now machine is completely unusable. Even the data is not accessible. What to do now? Buy a replacement MacBook Pro or fix it? There are some possible fixes available that are completely temporary but at a cost. These temporary fixes last from a few hours up to a few months and then laptop is dead again. Most people use this machine for daily personal or office work. They don’t play high end games on it or they are not using it for high end professional graphics editing. So if this machine comes back to life for a reasonable cost, is it not worth it? Of course it is.

2011 gpu fix suggestion

The answer to the above question can be divided into two parts.

a) Normal Daily Use:

Those who use this machine for personal use, office use or for studies, this fix best for them. Eeverything will work like browzing, playing YouTube or online videos, using all applications, word processing, playing movies online or using DVD drive and will perform all kinds of operations. After our permanent fix the machine will have the same power as like any other model from the same year. Let’s talk about anther macbook pro from 2011 or 2012. Those who have been using 13” Macbook Pro 2012 model know that there are no performance issues. The said machine has one gpu and that is the Intel integrated gpu. The machine has enough power and perfect for daily use. After our fix to the 15 inch MacBook Pro, the machine still will have the same performance and power as mentioned for the above 13” MacBook Pro. By adding 16 gb RAM and an SSD drive makes it even better machine. This proves that our solution to the gpu trouble is a five star fix for this model.


about 2012 gpu fix

b) Professional Use:

The gpu that has a known issue which we eliminate by making hardware alteration on the logic board has built-in vram which helps in graphics editing. When a professional works on graphics or graphics intense work, this gpu uses its power and vram to ensure smooth graphics processing without lagging. After this fix, there will be lagging if someone uses this machine for games that have a specific graphics chip requirement (high end games) or if someone is using programs like Photoshop for graphics editing. This does not mean it will not work for them at all. It will work with some lagging. This deficiency can be reduced by increasing ram to 16 GB and by adding a Solid State drive. Again for professionals all the normal things will work the same way as explained in section (a) above.


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