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Apple Computer Repair, iMac repair by Apple certified technicians

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Mac Screen Repair

There are three kinds of screen scenarios when it comes to Mac. Older Mac use regular LCD or LED Screens. Newer Macs use Retina display LCD and Glass. Both can be damaged. In older types, if the screen is damaged, it can be replaced. In newer types, if the Mac glass is broken and the picture is ok then glass of MacBook or iMac can be replaced. In the latest Retina screens, There is no glass but just one display assembly. This can also be repaired. MacBook Air also don't use glass. The LCD of MacBook Air is repairable. We fix all Mac screens whether it's iMac, older MacBook Pro or the new MacBook Pro Retina display.

MacBook Repair

Computer star offers expert and certified MacBook computer repair in Mississauga and Toronto. We service iBooks, PowerBooks, Macbook Air 13, 11.3, 13 inch white plastic body MacBooks, 13 inch Black MacBooks from 2006, 2007.

We repair MacBook logic board for a very reasonable price. We can replace glass in MacBooks with retina display. We service Apple warranty and out of warranty Macbooks and MacBook Airs. We offer all kinds of Macbook upgrades. We can install SSD drives in old and new MacBooks. We can replace hard drives and LCD screens in MacBook Airs of any year.

We also upgrade memory and hard drives in pre unibody MacBooks. Apple introduced these MacBooks in two colors, white and silver. We repair alot of these unibody MacBooks with common video or black screen problems. These MacBooks are famous for black screen issues caused by nvidia chip. We replace 15.4 screens in these machines. We also replace logicboards in these unibody MacBook Pros.

The new family of MacBooks are very popular machines. We fix alot of these Pros with water, coke, water or any other liquid damage. These machince are very reliable products offered by Apple. We service all of these MacBooks. These machines comes in two types (in 13 inch), MacBook and MacBook Pro. 15 and 17 inch unibody machines are being used by a vast majority of Apple users.

MacBook Air is the lighest and thinest laptop offered by Apple. These machines are great on battery backup and good for mobile use. School students use them more often. We repair all models of this family. We can replace keyboards, hard drives, screens, trackpad, hinges etc. in these laptops.

The next family is the old family of MacBooks. These are the 2006, 2007 black and white Macbooks. These machines are very reliable. We fix top covers, LCD screens, hard drives, RAM, batteries, logicboards, DVD drives and other parts. iBook are the oldest laptops by Apple. We can fix these as well. We can recover hard drives from these machines too. We can fix back light problems in all MacBooks.

iMac Repair (Desktop)

iMac is the all-in-one desktop computer by Apple, just like PC for Windows. In Apple desktop computers, we repair both old and new iMac desktops. Apple desktop computers comes in three types, iMac (white and silver), Mac mini and Mac Towers. In Towers We have serviced PowerPC G3, G4, G5, Intel Mac Pro while in iMac we have worked on eMac, iMac G4 and G5(17 inch, 20 inch). On the other side our technicians have fixed iMacs 17 inch, 20 inch, 21.5 inch, 24 inch and 27 inch. Mac mini is a small compact cpu that has full capabilities of a desktop computer. These machine comes in different yearly models.

We have worked on all of these Mac minis. We have fixed them from upgrading to repair of any type. If your Mac computer is freezing or you see strange colors on screen or if it is heating up, we can repair it for you.

iPad Repair

iPad is the next very popular tablet offered by Apple. iPad comes in different versions like iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4 and iPad mini. We repair iPad digitizer, LCD screen, wifi cable, wifi antena, power button audo cable, home button, power button. We can also recover data from all iPads. We can reset iPads to factor setings or restore data from iTunes. We can fix bad back light problem in iPads.

iPod & iPhone Repair

We fix iPod and iPhone screen issues, charging port problems, sound issues, power button problems, camera problem, battery. If your iPhone has died, we can recover photos and videos for you.


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