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Possible repair options for 2011, a1297 macbook pro

The 2011, 17 inch MacBook Pro logicboard is known for gpu failure. This is due to a defective third party part installed on its logic board. This problem has many symptoms including black screen, colored screen, rebooting, grey screen, startup failure and more. There are several possible fixes available for this issue. The first one is heating up the logicboard or reflowing the failed gpu. Market price for this temporary fix is around $150-$200. The next option is to replace the chip. This may work for a few months and the charge is from $350-$550. The third option is to replace the logic board which comes with the same issue and could range from $400-$650. Most computer repair shops offer these three options except our company where we offer a unique fix in addition to the first three options and called permanent GPU repair of this issue.


macbook pro graphics repair



Why there are multiple repair options? The answer is simple because the board comes with this third party chip that has no permanent solution except the one we offer at Computer Star. All logic boards of a1297 have the same defect so the first three repair options will fail. Our permanent gpu repair is the only reliable and affordable solutions for all 17“ MacBook Pro laptops with graphics problem. We offer 12 months warranty and the same problem will never return. For more information, please click on the below link.

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