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What raid Storage means?

Redundant array of inexpensive disks (RAID) is a storage arrangement in which more than one disks are virtually put together to make one or multiple volumes. This kind of storage is mainly setup for bigger space, better performance and data security. There are several types of raid combinations. Some are just for data security and others are for bigger storage and performance. Modern computers and servers are mostly using raid arrays. Raid0, raid1, raid 5, raid6, raid10 are some of the types of raid. Raid 6 and 10 are considered better arrays.

raid 10 array

Raid 1 is called disk mirroring. Two same size disks are setup together so that one disk copy on to the other. Both disks are duplicate of each other. In disk mirroring, there are usually two disks. In raid0, there are two or more disks put together but data is split on two or more disks. Raid 5 is setup as striping with parity. Raid 6 is striping with double parity. Raid 10 is striping and mirroring.

raid 5 definition

Does raid array fail? Yes, raid can fail. Data recovery process is affected depending on the type of the raid. If one drive in raid 1 fails, the other drive can be used for data recovery. If raid 0 fails, the failed drive must be recovered to complete the data recovery. The same apply to most of raid arrays.  Raid 0 is efficient but less secure storage. This type of raid is good for businesses that do live streaming.  Raid 1 is good readability but has space limitations.  This type is good for businesses that have regular application based servers. Raid 5 is fault tolerance and heavy write operations. This type is recommended for storage servers. Raid 6 is even higher redundancy and heavy write operations. This one is good for businesses that deal with large storage servers. This type has a very high performance. The cost is high. This is good for businesses that have heavy operation based database servers.

what is raid 6

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