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USB Data Recovery,

flash drive recovery

For Mississauga, Toronto,

Oakville, Burlington & GTA

kingston adata usb recovery


 High Success Rate


USB Flash drive data recovery Mississauga

USB flash drive is bent, port is broken or it’s dead? USB data recovery Mississauga can help. We specialize in USB component level repair and physical damage repair. If repair is not an option, we can remove nand chips and read them using our technology. This process needs advanced level of skills and tools. We offer regular and emergency USB data recovery services. We also offer free estimate and free pickup service.


Are you looking for expert USB flash drive recovery in Mississauga or Toronto? USB repair lab can recover data from damaged USB flash drives and SD cards. In the past, we have recovered data from USB thumb drives where the USB port was broken and the USB circuit board was dead or damaged. Our USB recovery experts recovered data from USB sticks when it was not possible to extract data because of broken USB port or dead board. Our USB key recovery technicians can retrieve data from memory chip in case the board (PCB) is faulty or USB has dead controller. USB data recovery at Mississauga lab can also retrieve your data if you have accidentally deleted or formatted your USB drive. Monolith devices are taking place of regular USB flash drives these days. USB flash drive recovery Mississauga can recover monolith devices too. Call the USB repair and recovery professionals today at 905-272-8324


Please visit our USB Data Recovery Centre in Mississauga. Free pickup available from St. Catharines to Toronto.


flash drive recovery mississauga USB port broken or deep
in the board? We can recover it.

usb flash drive recovery mississuaga







data recoveryUSB Board is dead?
We have recovered hundreds
of those in the past.


broken usb fix


usb repair USB is broken into two
pieces? We can recover it
(as long as the nand memory
chip is not cracked). 


broken usb board



usb recovery mississauga USB flash drive controller
is dead or malfunctioning?
Yes, it is recoverable.


usb broken board recovery




g USB flash drive has a
software problem or has
been formatted or having a prompt to
be formatted? We can recover it.


monolith data recovery




usb chip repair







USB data recovery GTA 905-272-8324